Format for converting from R Markdown to a Microsoft Word Document that can be reversed using dedoc() after editing in Word.

redoc(highlight_outputs = FALSE, wrap = getOption("redoc.wrap", 80),
  margins = NULL, line_numbers = NULL, comment_author = NULL,
  keep_md = FALSE, wrappers = list(htmlcommentwrap, latexwrap,
  rawblockwrap, rawspanwrap, cmwrap, citationwrap), diagnostics = TRUE,



whether to highlight outputs from chunks and inline code in the final document


when round-tripping the document, at what width to wrap the markdown output? Set the default with "redoc.wrap" in options(). See dedoc().


page margin size. Can be a single value or a named vector with values, top, bottom, left, right, gutter, header, and footer. If NULL defaults to the reference document.


either TRUE or list with any of the arguments start, by, restart, and distance


The name to attribute any CriticMarkup tracked changes to. Defaults to whoami::fullname().


whether to keep the intermediate markdown document


a list of wrapper functions to capture text to protect when rendering and de-rendering. See make_wrapper().


Whether to embed diagnostic information in the output file. If TRUE, this will save session information and the current pandoc and (if used) RStudio versions inside the Word document for later bug-checking.


other parameters passed to rmarkdown::word_document()