3 - Spatial GAMs and Interactions

In this chapter, you will extend the types of models you can fit to those with interactions of multiple variables. You will fit models of geospatial data by using these interactions to model complex surfaces, and visualize those surfaces in 3D. Then you will learn about interactions between smooth and categorical variables, and how to model interactions between very different variables like space and time.

1Two-dimensional smooths and spatial data

2Modeling soil pollution in the Netherlands

3Adding more variables to predict soil pollution

4Plotting and interpreting GAM interactions

5Plotting the model surface

6Customizing 3D plots

7Extrapolation in surface plots

8Visualizing categorical-continuous interactions

9Soil pollution in different land uses

10Plotting pollution in different land uses

11Interactions with different scales: Tensors

12Pollution models with multi-scale interactions

13Teasing apart multi-scale interactions